Celebrating Alice Munro’s 90th Birthday

Today’s Not-so Deliberate Mistake. Alice was born, of course, in 1931, not 1921, as I foolishly wrote here.

Douglas Gibson

On Saturday, July 10, 2021, Alice Munro will turn 90. Since she is , so far, Canada’s only Nobel Prizewinner for Literature, this will be an occasion for the country to mark with pride.

In 1921 The Wingham Advance-Times announced the birth: “Laidlaw – In Wingham General Hospital on Friday, July 10th, to Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Laidlaw, a daughter, Alice Ann.” From that simple beginning in Huron County, Ontario, Alice Laidlaw went on to a career that involved meeting and marrying a man at Western named Jim Munro. In time he became a bookseller in Victoria, with his wife Alice working in the bookstore, while producing three fine daughters and, oh yes, writing short stories on the side.

Those short stories proved to be the beginning of a major literary career, so that one important magazine, The Atlantic, stated with confidence in 2001 that “Alice Munro is the living…

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One comment on “Celebrating Alice Munro’s 90th Birthday

  1. Karen Hamilton says:

    Dear Doug and Jane,

    Apropos of this piece of yours, we bought a family vacation property on Lake Ontario in Port Hope and have been in lockdown there as a family, more or less, most of the time, including the lovely Heather, since January. We are on King Street and Alice Monroe lives right up the street! We found that out through connecting with the historical Anglican Church, St. Mark’s, which is right up the street and apparently, she lives sort of across from it. We are all well, laptops always on the go here, and I have another book coming out in September 2022.

    Hope you are both well! Karen Hamilton

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