Praise for Stories About Storytellers, the stage show:

“Read Stories About Storytellers. It’s delightful fun. And if Gibson delivers his own presentation of it at a Festival anywhere near you, run to it. It’s even better. Complete with music, it’s an event worthy of Stephen Leacock. Charles Dickens, even.”
— Nigel Beale, Ottawa blogger,

“Douglas Gibson is a living link to the foundation of our country’s literature, and also an impish and charming performer. His lifelong passion for these great writers is contagious.”
— David Cheoros, Director, Edmonton Litfest

“It’s no surprise that Doug Gibson knows how to write with style, humour, and insight about the great Canadian storytellers he has known and edited. What was a surprise, even for those who have been privileged to have heard him tell those stories one-on-one over the years, is the captivating way he does it onstage in what amounts to a one-man play. Douglas Gibson pays tribute to our great storytellers — and even some not so great — by conjuring the all-but-lost art of the great raconteurs.”
— Gordon Sinclair, Winnipeg Free Press columnist

“As host of Readings at the Roselawn I have introduced almost every great Canadian writer over the past 20 years. And although I do remember a handful of standing ovations, I have never seen 300 people leap from their seats so fast and stay on their feet so long. Good on you, Doug – the editor who is outshining his stable of stars.”
— William Thomas, Readings at the Roselawn

“Douglas  Gibson has turned his book into a show that is as entertaining as it is informative. He presented his show at the 2012 Festival of Words in Moose Jaw, thoroughly delighting a large audience and receiving a standing ovation for his efforts. It was the highlight of our festival.”
— Robert Currie, Saskatchewan Festival of Words

“Gibson has transformed his memories of literary acquaintances over the course of a lifetime into an infinitely expandable performance. . . . a life turned into art.”
— Jonathan Webb, writer, editor, and journalist

“The polished ramblings of this career editor and publisher, more than any other speaker, reminded the audience of how this country’s literary tradition is still youthful, and how it has blossomed into adolescence over the last 30 years.”
— Jan DeGrass, Coast Reporter

“Does this mean I have to get up, too?”
— Jane Gibson, reluctant to join in the standing ovation for her husband in Quebec City on April 14, 2013, after the Morrin Centre show

“That’s the first standing ovation we’ve  had in the 11 years of the Bonnechere Festival!”
— Doyne Ahern, The Festival’s Founder and Chief Organizer, after the July 17, 2013, show in Eganville



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