Praise from across the country for  Stories About Storytellers:

Stories About Storytellers is the perfect title for Douglas Gibson’s engaging account of his career in publishing. The book is witty and informative, its stable of authors chosen to intrigue the reader. . . . a bonanza for book lovers. Gibson’s delightful, behind-the-scenes look at some of Canada’s most prominent writers is a remarkable, four-decade romp through the back rooms of publishing. It is a book which highlights the descriptive talents of Douglas Gibson himself, as good a storyteller as the writers he takes such pleasure in presenting.”  — Nancy Schiefer, London Free Press

“Gibson is an engaging and on the whole a modest figure and a very fine raconteur. He, too, has had a hell of an interesting life. His book makes for great reading, and he makes his life in publishing sound like great fun.”  — Linda Leith, Globe and Mail

“For Gibson, in life and in this book, it all comes back to the writers. The writers and their books are central to Stories About Storytellers, and Gibson shows them to their best advantage, as he has been doing for 40 years. Every writer should be so blessed as to have an editor like Gibson in their corner; every reader should spend some time with his stories.” — Robert J. Wiersema, Edmonton Journal

“Gibson’s forty years at the epicentre of Canadian publishing inform his rollicking first book, Stories About Storytellers. . . . Gibson is a gossip of the first order, the kind who tells all, or at least enough, about his subjects’ foibles, but always in a way that delights in their eccentricities. He writes with charming exuberance about his role as midwife to the memoirs of several prime ministers. . . . Likewise, Gibson’s stories profile not just storytellers, but also the country that produced them.” — Sasha Chapman, The Walrus

“Mostly made up of biographical vignettes, this book is a chronicle of Gibson’s working association with authors as diverse as Mavis Gallant and Brian Mulroney. But it’s also part memoir, a portrait of a man who has burned few bridges and made even fewer enemies. . . . an unfailingly affable fellow with a keen eye for literary talent.”–  Joel Yanofsky, Montreal Gazette

“Here’s the thing about Douglas Gibson, Scottish immigrant and Toronto publisher extraordinaire. He has a greater appreciation of regional Canada than 99% of those of us  born here. This genial memoir of his 40 years in the publishing racket, including 16 years at the helm of the country’s top literary house, McClelland & Stewart, takes readers from coast to coast and everywhere in between. . . . His delightful volume enriches the Canadian shelf.” —  Morley Walker, Winnipeg Free Press

“The book allows Gibson to share some of the stories he’s hoarded over a career that saw him work with some of the leading journalists, politicians and authors of his era. . . . He has a fine authorial voice, conversational in tone, like the best storytellers.” — Mark Medley, National Post

“The ultimate CanLit cocktail party book.” — Stephen Knight, Quill & Quire

“Your book, Stories About Storytellers, is amazing. It is like an editing and publishing course all in one.” — Leslie Nadon


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