Doug Gibson: Cartographer of Canadian Storytelling

A Documentary in Development

“How do you go about editing Robertson Davies?”

The documentary Doug Gibson: Cartographer of Canadian Storytelling spans 40 years of transformation in the Canadian literary scene and book publishing industry with Doug Gibson at its centre, as the consummate shaper of Canadian storytelling. Like Gibson, the film is multi-faceted, probing the complex and rich relationships Gibson developed with some of Canada’s most memorable public figures and writing talent. By focusing on selected works which Gibson brought to the Canadian public, as a through line, with critical insights from the authors, peers, critics, and colleagues, the documentary will tell the definitive story of a legendary Canadian publisher and editor by concentrating on two interwoven themes: Gibson’s insight into great storytelling and the shaping of Great Canadian literary voices from across this vast land who are a definitive part of the Canadian literary canon.

Traveling alongside Gibson we will learn how this lucky immigrant discovered Canada through her storytellers and thereby found a way to communicate to a broader audience the meaning of this country through the prism of words.

Based on Douglas Gibson’s memoir, Stories About Storytellers: Publishing Alice Munro, Robertson Davies, Alistair MacLeod, Pierre Trudeau, and Others (ECW Press, 2011)

For more information contact:
Candida Paltiel, Producer, Mining Stories Productions

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