An Interesting Interview with Douglas Gibson

Please see the link below, which reveals a long, and very unusual, interview with people in Edinburgh who run a site dedicated to publishing in Scotland. They conducted a very thorough interview with me, where I talk at some length about my Scottish background, and then my career in Canada.

By the way, Anthony Jenkins and I have just completed a new book, GREAT SCOTS: Major Canadian Author with Links to Scotland…….By Douglas Gibson, illustrated by Anthony Jenkins.

The search is now on for a Publisher to take on these 35 interesting writers, from Sir Alexander MacKenzie all the way through John Galt to John Buchan/Lord Tweedsmuir and Lucy Maud Montgomery and Alistair MacLeod all the way to Alice Munro, and beyond!

Publishing in Canada: Interview with Douglas Gibson


5 comments on “An Interesting Interview with Douglas Gibson

  1. Carolyn M. Gossage says:

    Hi Doug.. What a splendid idea. Hope publishers will be fighting over it!! All best to you & Jane. We’re just back from a five day fly-in fishing 🎣 trip on a wilderness lake in Temagami. Second of the summer and a great success on all fronts…

    • Douglas Gibson says:

      Hi Carolyn, Your Temagami fishing trip sounds splendid.
      I hope that my GREAT SCOTS book will be equally successful!

  2. says:

    Thanks for the background

    You brought back so many memories dating back to my days at EB Eddy as a paper mill rep specializing in book grades

    so many names, so many interesting people and so many books and authors that I had some connection in my own small way

    they are great memories



  3. Douglas Gibson says:

    Hi Ron,
    These were indeed great days, and your paper was very special. Stay well, young man

  4. Tom Adlhoch says:

    A great interview! Very enjoyable read, as both your books are. Definitely looking forward to your next publication.

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