Today, June 30, 2017, has been a special day in my life. The 99 new members of The Order of Canada listed in the press included Douglas Maitland Gibson.
I am very pleased, and humbled, and proud. I hope that you, as a reader of my blog, can share that pride.
Those who have received the Order know that there’s a long nomination procedure that can run for many months. I, quite properly, stayed aloof from the whole process. Jane, however, was very helpfully involved. My wife would be good at running a secret spy network.
Now may be the time to thank my chief Nominator, Marc Cote, known to all as the Publisher of Cormorant Books. Marc (who tells me that he has a very successful record as a sponsor), researched my biography and wrote persuasive letters on my behalf. He also arranged letters of support from ( I have just learned) three very impressive literary figures, Erna Paris, Jack Hodgins, and Guy Vanderhaeghe.
You can imagine how grateful I am to all of them.
I won’t repeat the Citation that came from Rideau Hall, but it certainly makes me sound like a very impressive figure. And it’s especially pleasing that I arrived in Canada (as a penniless Scottish immigrant, with straw in my hair) in a significant year….1967!
Now Jane and I are looking forward to the Ottawa ceremony, and the formal dinner, when mingling with the very distinguished group of other nominees seems certain to be great fun. And if Mike Myers happens to be in our group. I’ll ask him how on earth he came up with the name of his latest TV show character, Tommy Maitland.


47 comments on “THE ORDER OF CANADA………NOT BAD, EH?

  1. Pat Webster says:

    Congratulations, Doug. Well deserved. And what appropriate timing, from 100 to 150.

    • Douglas Gibson says:

      Many thanks for the kind words. Pat. And Norman is right , of course, to counsel against open astonishment that such an award could go to such a recipient. Even if there are legions of open-mouthed, stunned observers, they’re keeping politely silent.. Meanwhile,if I were in danger of becoming swollen-headed, Meg has the antidote. Apparently she overheard ten-year-old Alistair telling his pals that his Grandad had just got the Order of Canada “Which one? ” they asked, aware that he has two grandfathers “Oh, the exploding cow-poop one” he explained, and they — aware of my boyhood experiments with fire-crackers and moist cow-patties in the fields around my village home_– identified me instantly.

  2. PeterNosalik says:

    Congratulations, Doug and Jane! You both deserve recognition for the work you’ve done and the talent you have promoted

    • Douglas Gibson says:

      This is very kind of you, Peter. And I’m very glad that you properly share the credit with Jane.

  3. Pat Webster says:

    Norman says: ‘Astonished’ perhaps not the best word, let’s just say marvellously pleased by the news. Don’t forget the banquet where you will meet the most astonishing Canadians who have given so much to their country. Perhaps ‘transported’ is the word we need. Fabulous news, at any rate. The Piggery is humming.

    • Douglas Gibson says:

      I worry that outsiders far from North Hatley may be confused by your line that “The piggery is humming”. This is in no way a reference to news about my award causing unhappy porcine snorting about mis-directed pearls being cast my way.Instead it is, as we both know, a proud mention of the excellent summer theatre in North Hatley, where I have been very proud to do my show in the past, and hope to do so again. This Fall, however, my local show will be in Knowlton, at the Literary Festival onOctober13 and 14.

  4. rs24dust rs24dust says:

    Greetings Mr. Gibson: Congratulations! You deserved the Order of Canada.

    Question: If an “aloof” was an an animal, what would it look like? Thanks. Cheers, Christian TorbikWhitehorse, Yukon TerritoryCanada30.6.201711:20 a.m.

    From: Douglas Gibson To: Sent: Friday, June 30, 2017 10:42 AM Subject: [New post] THE ORDER OF CANADA………NOT BAD, EH? #yiv8846623282 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv8846623282 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv8846623282 a.yiv8846623282primaryactionlink:link, #yiv8846623282 a.yiv8846623282primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv8846623282 a.yiv8846623282primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv8846623282 a.yiv8846623282primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv8846623282 | Douglas Gibson posted: “Today, June 30, 2017, has been a special day in my life. The 99 new members of The Order of Canada listed in the press included Douglas Maitland Gibson.I am very pleased, and humbled, and proud. I hope that you, as a reader of my blog, can share that pr” | |

    • Douglas Gibson says:

      Only a rude person would reply to you that an “aloof” would look like the letters re-arranged for viewing in a mirror.
      But for a happy Whitehorse visitor like me it should look like a stand-offish Moose. Best wishes

      • christian torbik says:

        Dear Mr. Gibson: I have just read your reply. Wow! Christian Torbik Whitehorse 30.4.2022

  5. david lewis stein says:

    As one of those who has valued your friendship over the yeara, very pleased for you….dls

  6. david lewis stein says:

    I thought you had received this years ago…dls

    • Douglas Gibson says:

      Happy to have you as a friend all these years, Dave, even if you were under the impression that I already had the Order then. It’s nice to finally catch up with your kind assumptions.

  7. Bill Baker says:

    Congratulations, Doug. I have followed your career with interest since our days at Macmillan, and I have been so pleased to see your accomplishments and contributions to Canadian publishing.
    Bill Baker

    • Douglas Gibson says:

      Bill, it’s marvellous to hear this long-lost voice from the old Macmillan days in the seventies! I remember you with great affection, which is reinforced when I walk through Mont Pleasant Cemetery (five minutes from our house) and see the prominent grave of our old friend George Gilmour.
      I’d like to get together very soon (if you haven’t gone back to New Brunswick!). Please give me a call at 416 489 1929. Doug

  8. Max Wyman says:

    Heartiest congratulations Doug from us both —a great and greatly deserved honour for a most distinguished Canadian. Bravo!

    Susan and Max

    • Douglas Gibson says:

      Dear Max and Susan,
      I’m so glad to hear from you with this kind message. It’s been a pleasure to learn how you and Judy and Peter Castle have become friends. And bravo to you for a very distinguished career! Doug

  9. John Vance SNow says:

    Very, very well deserved — and about time too! ::-)

  10. Martin Dowding says:

    Douglas, great news!!! Congrats!!!

    • Douglas Gibson says:

      Thank you for this. You should know that you are a legendary figure in our household, as the man who leapt at Jane outside Wordwsworth’s Books in Waterloo, and started dancing with her on the sidewalk, exchanging cries of “Jane!” and Martin!” Those Galt schooldays together certainly left an imprint. Hope all continues to go well with you. Doug

  11. Maggie Stronge says:

    Congratulations, Doug. Well earned!

  12. Carolyn Gossage says:

    Heartiest congratulations, Doug!
    And more than well-deserved, too…
    Your biggest fan , Joanne Kellock would be so pleased for you and so am I for that matter!
    Speaking of female spies, I wonder if Jane has come upon the series by Jane Thynne – the wife of UK author
    Philip Kerr and his Bernie Gunther novels. Wonderful summer reading before or after being on the
    courts at the B&R.
    All best ,

    • Douglas Gibson says:

      Thank you for this Carolyn. I’ve enjoyed your book on The Frankfurt Book Fair, and we were glad to see you and Betty-jane at The Writers’ Union AGM in Vancouver.
      Jane will look for the jane Tynne novels, thank yu. Doug

  13. Kathy Stivin says:

    Congratulations Doug! I am so proud to be among your friends. You married well when you chose Jane.

    • Douglas Gibson says:

      Thank you for your congratulations, Kathy.
      You’re right about my marrying well. Just four days after we heard about the Order,Jane and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. it’s been a good week. Or a not-bad one.

  14. Rowland Lorimer says:

    Absolutely excellent Doug, and on such a propitious year, it will be hard for people to forget.

    • Douglas Gibson says:

      Many thanks, Rowly.
      I’m very proud of the work we did together for the Centre For Studies in Canadian Publishing at SFU, which is mentioned in the CItation for the Order.
      Onward! Doug

  15. Peter Milroy says:

    What wonderful news Doug! Well deserved indeed.

    • Douglas Gibson says:

      thank you for these kind words. i was so pleased to catch up with you at The Margaret Laurence Lecture in Vancouver. Your gardening news was welcome to a man who so far this month has gathered over 100 black currants — food for the gods!

  16. John Houston says:

    Marvellous news, Douglas. My late father would keenly appreciate your uncanny timing, arriving in Canada for Expo and now at our 150th being honoured for what you have done for Canada in the meantime!

    • Douglas Gibson says:

      Many thanks, John. I am honoured to be reminded of your father, and of my admiration for him and what he achieved. Doug

  17. Congratulations Doug! Dad would also be proud to know of this wonderful accomplishment, and that his sponsorship of your arrival in Canada would have such an impact!

    • Douglas Gibson says:

      Yes C-Anne, your father was a very kind sponsor.
      Although when we met in Calgary ( he had come south from Fairview, and we were able to meet up with my cousin Graeme Young) he spoke pretty directly about his hope that I would get a job and earn my keep. I kept my word to him. Doug

  18. Alan McKenzie says:

    Well deserved Douglas!

  19. martin o'malley says:

    Congratulations Doug! Now we have two OCs in our little Curia. If Richard Gwynn has one we have three!

  20. sidmarty says:

    Good going Doug and have fun at the big hoopla

    • Douglas Gibson says:

      Many thanks, Sid, and it; very good to hear from you. I still remember us singing “The Wild Rover” on the stage at the Writers’ Union Conference in Ottawa. And I remember your courage in Nelson when you sat through my show in 30 degree heat. It wasn’t bad the last time we met, at John Russell’s. I’m so sorry that John is now gone.

  21. Terry Fallis says:

    Hearty congratulations, Doug, though I’mnot surprised in the least.

    • Douglas Gibson says:

      I’m so grateful for so many things, and so many kind deeds from you.
      There will soon be a blog .

  22. Douglas — The Honour is well deserved. Well done. The St Andrews Society, of which you have been President, shares the pride of your accomplishment. It is a signal achievement and you have earned the honour. Congratulations ! Rory Sinclair, Past President St Andrew’s Society of Toronto

  23. Douglas Gibson says:

    Many thanks, Rory. Give us a celebratory tune on the pipes.

  24. James Cullingham says:

    Hey! Congrats!!!! Please contact me I have been unable to raise you via Facebook Messenger

  25. Many congrats Douglas… I’ve added your achievement to your bio on my web site. I’m surprised it took this long to recognise your outstanding contributions to Canada. Mind you if you can forget to tell me that Alice Munro gave me permission to publish her father’s book “The MacGregors” perhaps I can understand

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