Green Door Cabaret

The Lower Ossington Theatre is in the trendiest part of Toronto, near the junction of trendy Queen Street, and up-and-coming Ossington, where hip new restaurants sit alongside auto repair shops and cigar factories.

The Green Door Cabaret is a new venture by my friend (and theatre agent) Bob Missen, and I put on a Sunday afternoon cabaret there. Forget about striding around a stage. I perched on a bar stool and talked about my authors, while I flashed power point caricatures on the screen that Jane and I had rented. We’re becoming pros, able to rent mikes and speakers, or projectors and screens, as necessary.

Forty-five brave souls made up the (paying) audience, and it went well, give or take the odd technical glitch with the music that accompanies the slides. And I got to see a lot of old friends, including the amazing bookseller, Janet Inksetter. She earns the adjective this time by revealing that she read my entire book at one sitting! Surely an award of some sort is in order. And a job as a speed-reading book reviewer.

— Douglas Gibson


One comment on “Green Door Cabaret

  1. janebow says:

    Dear Douglas,
    We met the other night at Trent University. (Julie Johnston introduced me. I am a twice published novelist of whom you’ve never heard.) I thoroughly enjoyed your show – so many threads from my own past: a happy holiday in Hugh MacLennan’s North Hatley home; “Paul Martin The Great” with whom my Dad worked on nuclear non-proliferation. I wish I could have bought your book the other night. Could I spring for a cup of coffee for you and Jane one of these days, and buy the book then? I will be in Toronto Saturday afternoon at the Starving Artist Cafe, if that works.
    With thanks for writing this piece of our literary history, and warm regards,
    Jane Bow

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