Trailer for Doug Gibson: Cartographer of Canadian Storytelling

You’ve already seen him on the page and on the stage, but Mining Stories Productions wants to bring Gibson and his storytellers to the screen. Director Candida Paltiel is at work on a documentary that will look at the relationships between publisher, authors, and the country they live in. Have a look at the trailer for an overview or the project and some tantalizing glimpses of Gibson’s one-man show:

More info on the documentary is available here.

Thanks to Candida and her team, we’ll also feature vignettes on various authors for the next few weeks, giving you a taste of the stage show and the documentary to come.


“An event worthy of Stephen Leacock. Charles Dickens even.”

Writer and broadcaster Nigel Beale live blogged Douglas Gibson’s stage show Stories About Storytellers at the Ottawa International Writers Festival. Beale writes,

Gibson is an engaging, endearing — at times ebullient – animated storyteller, and a talented mimic. . . . Read Stories About Storytellers. It’s delightful fun. And if Gibson delivers his one man presentation of it at a Festival anywhere near you, run to it. It’s even better. Complete with music, it’s an event worthy of Stephen Leacock. Charles Dickens even.

Get a feel for the show by reading the live blog here.