Harder Than I Thought: A Publisher Tries to Write a Book

Over on the Indigo Non-Fiction blog, Doug Gibson has written a guest post titled “Harder Than I Thought: A Publisher Tries to Write a Book.” The piece begins,

In theory, it should have been easy. After all, in a career of over 40 years, I had edited well over a hundred books, and published thousands. In the role of midwife/cheerleader (“Push! Push! You’re almost there, Alistair!”) I had been involved in the creation of hundreds of books. I knew all of the best tricks and techniques for planning then writing books. Indeed, I was such an expert that I had been known to express impatience with authors who were slow in completing their manuscripts. What the hell was the matter with them?

To find out where things go from there, head over to the Indigo blog.