A Tribute to Shelagh Rogers

I was badly shaken by the news that Shelagh Rogers has decided to end her CBC programme about books this summer.

For what seems like centuries, Shelagh’s smiling voice (yes, the smile came through the microphone, as if by magic) had enchanted listeners near and far. She even was part of the Peter Gzowski era, when CBC attention to Canada’s major books was essential to their success. I remember those days well, as a thrilled Publisher, exulting in the impact such CBC support had on our books. And Shelagh (I even learned the Irish spelling) was a major part of it all.

Miraculously, she was able to stay on long after those days ended, and her bubbling enthusiasm continued to bring many authors to our attention, year after year. For many authors she was their first contact with THE BIG TIME, yet that contact was always easy and fun.

Her move to the West Coast was interesting, since she moved along with her love, the CBC technician whom I knew well; Charlie used to record my stumbling movie reviews for Sue Anne Kelman around 1980. From her BC base Shelagh was a lively and very enthusiastic contact with authors of all sorts, and her excitement showed. Over time she became the CBC’s book person….and now those days are almost gone. But let me have the pleasure of paying tribute to the wonderful Shelagh Rogers.


3 comments on “A Tribute to Shelagh Rogers

  1. Pat Webster says:

    This is sad news. Her voice definitely smiled and her conversations with authors were always worth listening to.

  2. We will miss her smiling voice and enthusiasm for book. As the Day rush say, Thanks a million.

  3. Carolyn M. Gossage says:

    Hello Doug..

    What a fabulous & well-deserved tribute to Shelagh Rogers !! She was so incredibly professional & her presence on CBC will be sorely missed and her brilliance long remembered…

    Hope to catch up with you one of these fine days and meanwhile sending warmest good wishes.

    All the very best to you both, Carolyn

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