Announcing A New Show At Niagara-on-the-Lake

For many years the legendary Toronto musician Atis Bankas has run the summer festival of Music Niagara, in the historic town of Niagara-on-the-Lake. To my surprise and delight, Atis recently saw one of my shows and said, “Let’s turn it into a musical!”

So, on Tuesday, August 7, at 7.30 in The Market Room, in the Court House Theatre in the centre of Niagara-on-the-Lake, you can see an exciting new version of “150 Years of Canadian Literature”.

Instead of the usual power-point show, where authors from each decade are introduced with a very short burst of recorded music, in this show I’ll be joined on-stage by the distinguished pianist Daisy Leung. We’ll still have works of Canadian art appearing on the screen, and I’ll still talk about the selected authors against the brilliant caricatures by Anthony Jenkins. But there will be lots of music, ranging from Quebec folk-tunes to Glenn Gould’s Goldberg Variations, and we’ll hear the versatile Daisy playing everything from Oscar Peterson to Leonard Cohen.

It should be fun. I’d be delighted if you could arrange to come for an evening in the former capital of Upper Canada, and enjoy what Daisy and I create…..and I promise not to dance!

Please tell your friends. The more, the merrier.


11 comments on “Announcing A New Show At Niagara-on-the-Lake

  1. :Lorraine Petzold says:

    How do you register for attending the show at Niagara on the Lake and what is the fee?


  2. Iris Toppings says:

    Hi Doug: What a man of many different talents you are. Had no idea. Would love to come to the show. Neither Earle or I drive in the night. Do not know if the Niagara bus runs at night. Will look into it. Thanks for letting us know. Iris


    • Douglas Gibson says:

      It was good to see Earle (and you in the distance) at Bill Keith’s funeral. I don’t know about the bus service to and from Niagara, but hope that you can find a way to be there. Or even consider spending a night in the historic old town.
      It would be great to see you there.

  3. Alexandrina Sergio says:

    Hi Doug; This sounds spectacular! We can’t make it up there on the 7th, but can we hope the show will be filmed/televised? I would love to buy the DVD–probably a number of them, in fact.

    • Douglas Gibson says:

      Hi Sandy,
      I’m not sure that we can make any filmed version,(copyright issues with the art), although a “sound version” is something to consider.
      Hope all is well.

  4. Nina V. says:

    Hi Doug,
    How brilliant! I’m sure the Musical will be a resounding success (yes, this extremely lame pun was intentional)! Wish I were closer to Niagara on the Lake, but I’ll email a friend who lives there and hope she will be able to come and shout out some well deserved bravos.
    Hugs to you and Jane,

    • Douglas Gibson says:

      Thanks, Nina,
      The show went well last night, and for the ovations at the end Daisy and i persuaded Jane to stand up and accept some of the applause. Then she drove us all home to flooded Toronto!
      Stay well,

      • Nina V. says:

        Hi Doug,
        Ovations would indicate that you have a hit on your hands!
        Bravissimo to you, and bravissimaa to Jane and Daisy!
        I shall look forward to seeing it!

  5. Tom Simmonds. says:

    Doug, please add my name to the petition against the proposed hotel and short term rental units in the village.

    • Douglas Gibson says:

      Sorry I was too late to do this. We left Niagara-on-the-Lake right after the show, which meant that we arrived in Toronto just in time to hit the flooding on the Lake Shore. Astonishing.

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