At last, I’m able to give some news about my new 2017 show “CANADA’S GREATEST STORYTELLERS/ LES GRANDS RACONTEURS CANADIENS  1867–2017”

We held an Open Dress Rehearsal for it at our local Toronto Library, at Deer Park, on Saturday April 22. About 30 brave people showed up, and gave very useful comments.  To incorporate them, Jane and I have amended the very comprehensive show — with lots of music, and scores of fine Canadian works of art over the full 150 years . I’m happy to report that people in the audience stayed for the whole show, which runs for almost two hours, including the 10-minute Intermission, which comes when we arrive at 1967!

Nobody lobbed any over-ripe fruit, or shouted abuse. One audience member, impressed by my inclusion of our greatest novelists in French, came up and made my day by congratulating me en Francais!

The volleys of tomatoes may come in OTTAWA this SATURDAY , APRIL 29, when we launch the show at The Ottawa Book Festival. To be precise, the Launch is at 4.00 p.m., not in The National Library (as was originally planned) but in CHRIST CHURCH CATHEDRAL, ON SPARKS STREET. ( The grand setting seems to have been always  in the cards: during the show Leonard Cohen sings “Hallelujah” . My friend Charles Gordon, mindful of my acrobatic disaster in London’s Canada House, has admonished me “Don’t fall off the altar!”)

If you live near Ottawa , or have friends who do, please come along. We’re hoping for a full house, and much laughter.


First, on MONDAY , MAY 8, there will be a Private Show at the ARTS AND LETTERS CLUB, built around the Dinner that begins at 6.15. If you have friends who are members, now’s your chance.

Then on Tuesday 23, The Lieutenant Governor,Elizabeth Dowdeswell , will be holding a Toronto Launch in her OFFICIAL CHAMBERS for the new show. Details are still being worked out. Please let me know if you’d like to be invited to that afternoon/evening event.


On WEDNESDAY, MAY 31, I’ll be giving the show at THE S.F.U. HARBOUR CENTRE DOWNTOWN, starting at 7.00pm. Please tell your Vancouver friends.

Then, as word spreads about this remarkable “show in a box” that Jane and I hope to take to every community that’s interested, we’ll be on our travels.
Please think about any organisation or group that might like to invite us, and suggest it to them.

Good luck to us all!




  1. PeterNosalik says:

    Congratulations, Doug and Jane, on the new show. Although I will be out of the city for both of your Toronto dates, I am exercising my tomato launching arm in preparation for a return visit. I can’t wait to see you and celebrate our country’s 150 birthday through it’s art and storytelling. Wonderful!

  2. Rosemary Proctor says:

    I would love to come to the show here in Toronto on May 23. I’ve put the date in my book. I would (maybe) even wear a dress and … well, maybe I’ll just promise to be polite.


  3. Audrey Wren says:

    It’s great to hear that your show for our 150th is on the road. I couldn’t make it to the Ottawa show but I urge others in our superb cities of Toronto and Vancouver to encourage their friends to see it. It’s such a perfect,entertaining history lesson in literature and art. Bravo!
    Your show in Eganville at our July author’s event was fantastic.

  4. Nina Valery says:

    What a thrilling way to celebrate 150! Congratulations to both of you, as I am sure it was as much tedious work for you both as it will be utter delight for your audiences, including….er….Montreal audiences when you get here! My composure is reduced to quivering jelly in anticipation and the only tomatoes I would throw would be if you decide to omit Montreal from your tour. Please don’t make me send a box of rotten tomatoes to you in Toronto!

    Warm regards,
    Nina Valery

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