Faithful readers will understand that my constant travels this Fall have delayed my blogging activities. So far, I’ve given performances of the new show, based on ACROSS CANADA BY STORY: a Coast-to-Coast Literary Adventure, in every province west of New Brunswick.
But right now, the exciting news is about Ontario, and specifically Kingston.
You may recall that Elizabeth Dowdeswell, the Lieutenant Governor, heard about my new book, and decided to launch it in her official Chambers at Queen’s Park. I have warm memories of the whole event, especially of my grandchildren sitting comfortably on the carpet while the speeches went on. Even better, in her speech the Lieutenant Governor revealed that she had read my book, and liked it, calling me “the cartographer of Canadian Literature.”
It got even better.
She liked my province-by-province account of our book world so much that she decided to send the book as her official Christmas Gift to all of the country’s Lieutenant Governors, and to the Governor General.
It gets even better. This New Year’s Day, there will be an Official Levee at the Grand Theatre in Kingston, starting at 1p.m.…….and I have been invited to attend!
I’ll bring along some copies of my books, in the hope that I may sell some. And I may even meet some friends, perhaps including you. I’ll be the bearded guy in the blue blazer with a distinctive orange tie!



  1. Hello Douglas,

    I’m contacting you from a walking tour publishing application called VoiceMap. I’m getting in touch because I gather that your storytelling and adventure background (“Across Canada by Story”) seems to be a good fit for what we do. We help contributors create short, immersive storytelling walks which use smartphone GPS to trigger audio files at the listener’s location in such areas. Typically we work with writers, storytellers, podcasters, journalists and published authors who have a story to tell about a specific place.

    I’d be happy to explain more via email or in a short skype call at your convenience. There are many completed routes to listen to on our site. Take a listen for some inspiration and get in touch if you’re interested in sharing your favourite stories and haunts with us and the world.

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