I’ve spent a lot of time roaming across the country with my Stories About Storytellers show. Now, as the winter keeps us in its grasp , I’m giving three  shows in Toronto Libraries in March.

They are in the TORONTO REFERENCE LIBRARY on Thursday, March 5, at 7.00.

DEER PARK LIBRARY  (Yonge and St. Clair) on Tuesday, March 10, at 6.30.

RUNNYMEDE LIBRARY (Bloor West) on Thursday, March 12,at 7.00.

If you’ve read or heard about my show, now’s your chance to see it. The show runs about 70 minutes, is all about books and authors, and will get you out of the cold. It may even make you laugh.

As for me, it will be exciting to polish the show before I take it to China, to Beijing and Shanghai at the end of March.

It may be a good thing to get away to “The Bookworm Festival”, and far from our culture where “Metro” last week ran an article headed “Books stack up nicely as décor”. One paragraph reads as follows “Because many readers consume literature digitally these days, physical books also evoke nostalgia — not unlike displays of other authentic objects that originated in earlier eras, like wagon wheels or washboards.”


  1. Jane says:

    I, too, accesorize with books. Books that I have purchased and have yet to read, books that teeter in tasteful piles in every room and on every shelf in my home. I’m still surprised to enter a house where there isn’t a single bookcase – what an unexamined life.

    • Douglas Gibson says:

      I too have piles of books that teeter. My wife (another Jane) fights a constant rearguard action against the creeping piles of teetering invaders, but so far the books remain. Winston Churchill once explained to a visitor appalled by the alarming display of books lining his room, in unreadable numbers, that books are actually “radioactive”. Doug

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