Stories About Storytellers, Now in Paperback

stories_PBAs of April 2014, Stories About Storytellers is available as a paperback! This new edition includes a new chapter on Terry Fallis, an account of Alice Munro’s Nobel Prize win, and a print version of the  Storytellers Book Club, which debuted on this site.

The paperback version is available at all the usual retailers, including your local independent, Indigo, and It’s also available from the man himself, as he continues to tour Canada with Stories About Storytellers, the show, this year. Stay tuned for more engagement dates!


2 comments on “Stories About Storytellers, Now in Paperback

  1. Jane Berges says:

    Sorry I missed your appearance at Western. Is there a plan to publish the early Western stories or is there a way to access them ? Thank you. Jane Berges

  2. Douglas Gibson says:

    Sorry to be so slow to respond, Jane.
    I know of no specific plan to publish Alice’s early, Western stories, but I’m sure that the increasing interest in all of her work will see them published soon.

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