ALICE MUNRO 1931– Not Bad Short Story Writer

You’ll be glad to know that I was prepared for Alice Munro to win the Nobel Prize for Literature.

(Pause for arm waving, dancing and cheering.)

As I was saying, I was prepared. So thoroughly prepared that late the previous evening I did the full shower and shave thing, so that I could getup very early and sit, perfectly groomed (striped tie and all), in front of my computer before 6 o’clock. This meant that when the wonderful news came in and the ringing phones started to jump across my desk, I was able to say, “Yes, I can be in a cab to come down for CBC TV news right away,” and so on with all of the other stations.

You may have caught me babbling happily on one of the many shows that interviewed me. It was all inspiring, with every single interviewer beaming and delighted. The ultimate good-news story. A wonderful event for all Canadians with a superb author, one of ours, being honoured at last.

I’m very proud to have been part of it.



  1. I’m jealous of your foresight, but equally excited about Alice Munro winning the prize. It is long overdo.

  2. Leslie Nadon says:

    That is awesome! And you are the one who helped her get there! Good for you. Good for both of you!

  3. Pat Webster says:

    Look forward to talking to you about the experience of being her editor. Congratulations to Alice Munro (of course) and also to you.

  4. suzanne mcpetrie says:

    so happy for you,Doug…you should have a Nobel Prize! Suzanne McPetrie

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