The Best Possible Reader Response

My five-year-old grandson, Alistair, has just learned to read. I sat down with him last weekend and showed him my book. He has already received his signed copy of “Granddad’s book,” which will interest him in about 15 years, but it has not so far affected his life one way or another, and has not caused him to go easy on me in street hockey or driveway tennis.

But this time I turned to the last sentence in my chapter on Alistair MacLeod, which speaks of “the latest deeds of my tiny grandchildren, Lindsay and Alistair.”

Alistair read it solemnly, his lips moving. Then he looked up, jumped to his feet, and ran into the kitchen, whooping “Lindsay, Lindsay! We’re in Granddad’s book. We’re famous!”


4 comments on “The Best Possible Reader Response

  1. Leslie Nadon says:

    You would think by now I wouldn’t be surprised by your comments which so often reflect my own experiences. My two sons played street hockey and driveway tennis. I have actually mentioned that in my book on more than one occasion. In spite of having cystic fibrosis they lived very active lives, packing as much as they could into life, living, laughing, and loving all the way! I actually use street hockey as a learning experience in one of my chapters, comparing life to a game of sports. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. Sometimes you break even. If you are playing a game of baseball and someone throws you a curve ball that you miss, you don’t just put down your bat and walk away! I have a few hilarious episodes connected to road hockey events. Playing tennis – well that was a little more sedate. As always, I thoroughly enjoyed your posting.

  2. Leslie Nadon says:

    Hmmm… I think I might have just discovered a third possibility for a title for my book. “Living, Laughing, and Loving all the Way!”

  3. A.M. Sergio says:

    THIS is the literary prize above all the others!

  4. Heather M. Beecroft says:

    It was so much fun to hear the comments of your Grandson! I’m sure that your reward was his surprise!

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