An excerpt on Peter C. Newman on the Canadian Encyclopedia blog

Enjoy another selection of Stories About Storytellers at the Canadian Encyclopedia blog. In this week’s selection, find out what caused Gibson’s boss to utter, “That bastard Newman! You can’t ever trust him!”  and Gibson to decide he was “a man who bore watching” and that “watching him was a lot of fun.” To read the excerpt, head over to the Canadian Encyclopedia.

(Have you missed the previous excerpts? You can still read the selections on Robert Hunter, Charles Ritchie, Val Ross, Jack Hodgins, Peter Gzowski, R.D. Symons, James Houston, Morley CallaghanPaul Martin, Barry Broadfoot, Brian Mulroney, Mavis Gallant, Robertson Davies, Alistair MacLeod, Pierre TrudeauStephen Leacock and Alice Munro.)


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