The London Free Press: “A bonanza for book lovers”

In this weekend’s London Free Press, reviewer Nancy Schiefer has nothing but good things to say about Stories About Storytellers. She calls it “a bonanza for book lovers” and concludes,

Gibson’s delightful, behind-the-scenes look at some of Canada’s most prominent writers is a remarkable, four-decade romp through the back rooms of publishing. It is a book which highlights the descriptive talents of Douglas Gibson himself, as good a storyteller as the writers he takes such pleasure in presenting.

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Praise for Stories About Storytellers in the Edmonton Journal

This Sunday, the Edmonton Journal published a very fine review of Stories About Storytellers. Reviewer Robert Wiersema writes,

“For Gibson, in life and in this book, it all comes back to the writers. The writers and their books are central to Stories about Storytellers, and Gibson shows them to their best advantage, as he has been doing for 50 years. Every writer should be so blessed as to have an editor like Gibson in their corner; every reader should spend some time with his stories.”

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Winnipeg Free Press praises the “Delighftul” Stories About Storytellers

Winnipeg Free Press Books reviewer Morley Walker praised Stories About Storytellers this past weekend, noting,

Here’s the thing about Douglas Gibson, Scottish immigrant and Toronto publisher extraordinaire. He has a greater appreciation of regional Canada than 99 per cent of those of us born here.

This genial memoir of his 40 years in the publishing racket, including 16 years at the helm of the country’s top literary house, McClelland & Stewart, takes readers from coast to coast and everywhere in between. . . .

Gibson joins such American giants as Michael Korda and Bennett Cerf in penning a gossipy memoir of his publishing life and times.

His delightful volume enriches the Canadian shelf beside Jack McClelland’s more selective letters, Imagining Canadian Literature (1998), and Roy MacSkimming’s stuffily comprehensive history, The Perilous Trade (2003). Anyone interested in CanLit will find much to enjoy here.

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Quill & Quire declares Stories About Storytellers “The ultimate CanLit cocktail party book.”

Publishing industry magazine QUILL & QUIRE ran a feature story about Stories About Storytellers in the September 2011 issue. The article focuses on Gibson’s cross-country tour for the book this fall.

A positive review of Gibson’s book also appears in the same issue of Quill & Quire. Reviewer Stephen Knight writes,

“Although Gibson celebrates the importance of the lives of everyday Canadians, he is, despite some mild protests to the contrary, the ultimate insider. For better or worse, this may be even more reason to read the book than Gibson’s not inconsiderable storytelling savvy. This is the ultimate CanLit cocktail party book.”